Nebulight Review

Nebulight Review: Helping You Choose a Unique Gift

No one wants a boring setup and there are quite many tools that are available in the market. These tools and gadgets are the ones that will be easy to use, as well as install. It will provide an amazing galaxy representation through the lights. You can see it as a projector to bring the real-life stars to your room.

NebuLight is one of the very first ones that appeared in the market and you can easily bid adieu to the existing room lamps or chunky lights.

This projector comes equipped with a total of 21 modes and you will get to transform your room into something completely unique. In this holiday season, you might be confused and unable to choose the right gift for your loved one.

This gadget is able to save your day and you can also get it for yourself or your partner. You can use this projector for romantic dinners or you can also use it as a night light on the lowest brightness.

Nebulight Review

NebuLighta Classic Gadget: Features!

Before you make your decision to buy the gadget, it’s important for you to thoroughly understand the features that the projector has to offer. The best and you can say the USP of this projector is that it can pair up with your smartphone and you can set it according to the music.

Let’s go through the features that are there to help you in getting a better understanding of its functionality.

In-built speaker

The projector comes with an in-built speaker where you will get to stream music through an AUX input or you can pair your smartphone using Bluetooth. Having an option to stream music with perfect lighting a whole galaxy present in your room is what will create a whole vibe and it will also bring quite a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The integrated speaker can be controlled using the remote control or the smartphone. It will give you the option to play/pause music along with controlling the volume. The audio quality of the speaker is also good enough where you will get high clarity in terms of vocals and tracks.

Smart functions

There are multiple color combinations that you can set and it will be much helpful in setting the vibe exactly the way you want. NebuLight will offer you a companion app that will allow you to configure things like light brightness, on/off scheduling, etc.

Not only this, but users will also get to transform their room into any form of galaxy view right with a tap of their finger.

The app is available to download on iOS and Android. It will also not consume a large space and the interface that you will get here is quite intuitive and user-friendly. All the features and options that are offered here under a single dashboard will make everything easily accessible for sure.

Battery (Rechargeable)

There shouldn’t be any worry about battery life. The size of the projector is quite compact and there will be no need to keep it always plugged in. The battery is the rechargeable one and it will also last longer. If you are wondering where you are going to put it, it’s quite compact and you will be able to fit it right in any corner.

The USB charging setup is also quite convenient as you will be able to use the existing smartphone adapters without any need to invest them somewhere else.

Custom color schemes

Yes, there are pre-set colors for the various galaxies, but the companion app will also give you the option to customize those color combinations. Users will be able to choose the combination they want and the lighting can also be synced with the music playing through the onboard speakers.


You may find the gadget too good to be true and there might be a pop-up in your head questioning ‘is NebuLight legit?’, it’s completely fine to get all your thoughts/confusions cleared up. The brand is offering you a return guarantee of 30-days, no questions asked.

Users will also get to contact customer support regarding any issue. The team is available 24/7.

Key specifications you should know

Apart from features, it is also quite important to know the technical specs that the device is offering you. It’s quite a simple and straightforward gadget and here are the key specifications.

  1. The voltage required by this gadget ranges between 110-220V.
  2. The gadget comes in blue and black colors where you can pick one according to the interior.
  3. The LEDs that you will get here are the RGB ones. It will give you the option of choosing from 16million colors.

Go through the benefits and drawbacks before buying NebuLight

Before we quickly wrap it up, it would be better to have a quick glance at some of the pros and cons.


  1. The projector comes with a very compact build and durable construction.
  2. The RGB lighting will give you an option to set the perfect color combination.
  3. The 24*7 customer support will solve all the queries that you might have.
  4. The onboard speaker system will connect to your smartphone and you can sync the lighting to the music.
  5. The schedule feature will give you the option of setting it for the time you want.
  6. The remote controller will allow you to control the music along with the light brightness.


  1. The projection range is quite bad and to get the best experience, you will need to install the NebuLight near the ceiling.
  2. The button quality of this gadget is not up to the mark.

Is NebuLight Legit? – The Conclusion

If you have decided to go for this unique gadget, it’s quite important that you go through all the actual user reviews. These reviews and a range of experiences will help you in making a decision.

If you are going to gift someone, the product should be good enough and above all, it must come with high durability. In the NebuLight Thunderlabs, there are certain reviews that suggest bad performance.

As we discussed in the cons section, the projection length is quite limited and you may need to install it somewhere near the ceiling to get a more immersive experience. However, it can be quite a good fit for the kids out there.

NebuLight claims much greater things for this to be more than just a toy.

If you have finalized on making the purchase, there shouldn’t be any worry regarding the shipping. The payments and the information will be secure enough to keep your data safe from any kind of online theft/fraud.

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