Best Leica Cameras

Best Leica Cameras

Is it your bachelor trip to Paris or you are planning to become a photographer, nothing can be started without being equipped with the best Leica cameras.

Apart from capturing unforgettable moments, the camera is ruling people’s hearts with the power of transforming the view. If you have fixed that you want to buy a camera, then you must be wondering how to find the best one or what model will be the best for your use.

If you are feeling the same, then this article is dedicated to you, as, here, we are going to concentrate on the reviews of the top 10 best Leica pieces along with their pros and cons to help you. So, what are you waiting for, start reading now—

Leica is the best suitable option when you are looking for a top-quality camera to start your career in photography. Here are the top 10 best Leica cameras sorted for you to support your passion for photography.

Go through the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the products to be sure about your investment.

Best Leica Cameras – Comparison 

1. Leica C-Lux Compact Digital Camera

Best Leica Cameras


We know that you are searching for the best Leica cameras. To sort your cart list, we are suggesting you buy the stylish, sleek Leica C-Lux Compact Digital Camera, which is perfect for your everyday shooting. This camera is equipped with a twenty Mega Pixel MOS system.

And it is capable of taking around 4K stills flawlessly, continuously. This piece is also powered with the capability of filming UHD 4K videos at 30fps.

Key Features:

The camera comes with an integrated twenty MegaPixels MOS instrument and it is equipped with 24 mm to 360mmcentrallens. The Zoom lens power of it is 15x and it is from Leica DC Vario-Elmar. Clicking 4K pictures at 30 fps is possible with the device. This product comes with a 3” LCD touch monitor and it has a 0.21” viewfinder.

It is available with a default Bluetooth and Wireless facility. The camera is able to record UHD 4K videos at 30 fps and 24 fps and it has visual copy stabilization up to 5-axis power. The ISO sensitivity capability of the product is up to 25600 and it can shoot continuously at 10 fps.

  • It has excellent image quality.
  • It can click nice pictures even in low light as it is powered with 25600 ISO sensitivity.
  • No weather-sealing capability, therefore, you will not be able to carry it everywhere.

2. Leica CL Mirrorless Digital Camera

Best Leica Cameras


We have the wonderful Leica CL Mirror Less Digital Camera at the second number on our list. Most professional photographers love this camera for its amazing features like Maestro 2nd Image Processor, Wireless Connectivity, touch monitorability, and 49 Point Auto Focus system.

Apart from these features, this piece has a wonderful electric shutter up to 1/25000 sec. It also includes 10 fps continuous filming. The Leica CL Mirror Less Digital Camera has more brightness sensitivity power than the previous option. It has 50000 ISO brightness compassion.

As it has an electronic shutter system you can have a noiseless click with the product. Moreover, the 3” LED display will allow you freely in using the touch screen to navigate the menu options. And the Wireless amenity will help you connect the camera with your device.

You can also transfer the files into your files easily through the help of a wireless connection.

Key Features:

Maestro 2nd Image Mainframe is present in the device. This camera has a 2.36m-dot electronic viewfinder system. It comes with a Wireless facility. The camera has a 3.0 Type-C USB port. It has a 3” display with LCD and touch format.

This camera is able to make four thousand videos at the quality of 30 fps, 1080p at 60 fps49-point Auto Focus system.

A magnificent electronic shutter up is present in it and it can click to 1/25000 sec. The Light Compassion power of the product is up to 50000 ISO and it can shoot continuously without a break.

  • Robust and sturdy build.
  • Amazing raw image quality.
  • Great electronic viewfinder.
  • It does not have the facility of image stabilization.
  • Live view is disabled in the product at the time of the continuous shooting.

3. Leica TL2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Best Leica Cameras


Leica TL2 Mirror Less Digital Camera is another great Leica product, which is widely known for its amazing features. The sleek design with matte finish Black tone is making the camera more popular with photographers.

This camera is made with a 24.1 Mega Pixel  CMOS system and Maestro 2nd Image Mainframe, which will provide you with nice clicks. Like the above-mentioned product, it can be managed remotely with Wireless connectivity. This camera has a rechargeable battery, which can last for a long time on a single charge.

Key Features:

Like the above-mentioned products, it also has a 24.2 Mega Pixels APS-C CMOS device. It is capable of shooting 4K excellent quality videos at 30 fps. You can even record videos with the quality of Full HD 1080p videos at 60p. ISO compassion can reach up to 50000, which is amazing.

The camera comes with a Leica Maestro 2nd Image system. It can manage up to 20 fps continuous shots. It is powered by a 3.7” wide touch screen.

This device comes with thirty-two GB of saving space and you can use one memory card in it. It has a Type-C USB port and an integrated Wireless facility. It has a rapid touch control setting and an excellent AF system.

  • Huge storage space.
  • Nice attractive appearance.
  • Fantastic touch screen functionality.
  • Fast touch control facility.
  • It has an internal storage space, which you can use in storing your files.
  • Lacks Electronic Viewfinder.

4. Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera

Best Leica Cameras


Leica brand has something for every type of photographer. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will surely find a suitable option for this brand. It is an integral photography tool.

This piece has a weather-sealed brass body, which is great as you can fight extreme weather conditions with this product. Therefore, it is one of the most durable products of Leica.

You can click nice pictures with its low light sensitivity power facility, which is up to ISO 50000. So if you want to have the best quality pictures even on a rainy day or want to carry your camera to the land of snowfall, then this is the most suitable option.

Key Features:

The Maestro 2nd Image Processor makes the product efficient in service. This product comes with default Wireless connectivity. Its sensitivity power can reach 100 to 50000. Continuous shooting is possible with it at the quality of 5 fps.

The camera has a 3” wide LCD monitor. It also has an optical magnification viewfinder.

Although it can only capture images, a video facility is not present. It has a weather-closed brass exterior figure.

  • The look is enough stylish to attract any buyer.
  • Amazing touch screen ability.
  • You can click pictures in low light as well.
  • It has an optical magnification viewfinder.
  • Nothing worth mentioning.

5. Leica TL Mirrorless Digital Camera

Best Leica Cameras


This product is the best choice for videographers. It has a minimalistic design along with exceptional image quality. The 16.3 MegaPixel APS-C CMOS system gives supreme-quality pictures.

You can even record with 1080p Full HD. The less bright compassion power of the camera is 12500 ISO, which is allowing the photographers to click amazing pictures.

This product will also allow you to capture moving subjects with more accuracy. It can be managed with automatic face detection and fine-tuned control.

Moreover, the camera comes with 32 GB of inner storage, which is enough to store your pictures and videos.

Key Features:

Attached with a 3.7” screen, it has ISO compassion power up to 12500. It can continuously shoot at 5 fps. The aluminum alloy body makes it look attractive. It is available in 3 colors: Titanium, Black & Silver.

The device is powered with a default Wi-Fi system and TL application for Android and IOS systems. The outstanding AF system is present in this device.

  • Eye-catching outlook.
  • It has a robust design and durable construction.
  • Excellent AF system.
  • It has MyCamera setting customization.
  • It does not have a viewfinder.

6. Leica X-U (Typ 113) Digital Camera

Best Leica Cameras


Leica X-U (113) is another wonderful camera with a robust body and durability. It can be your best companion in a photography career.

The dusk, shock, and water-resistant capabilities of the product are making it more acceptable in the industry. Most photographers love to use it for its amazing features.

In addition, the lens has an f/1.7 extreme aperture that can work best in low-light conditions. The low light sensitivity of the camera is efficient in shooting videos with the quality of Full HD 1080p. It can also capture moving objects at 5fps.

The rough rubber slip is attached to the exterior of the product and it allows the users to use it in extreme weather conditions.

Key Features:

It comes with a physical center ring and a default flash facility. The camera has a 23mm f/1.7 ASPH lens. It has approximately 16.2 MegaPixel CMOS Systems. The camera can record Full HD 1080p videos.

It has jolt, liquid, and dustproof power, which is amazing. The camera has a rough rubber slip outside and is also water resistant.

  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Gives sharp and clear images.
  • Grippy rubber exterior.
  • The autofocus facility is not impressing.

7. Leica M (Typ 262) Digital Rangefinder Camera

Best Leica Cameras


Like other Leica products, this product is also efficient in clicking nice pictures. Therefore, it is considered one of the best Leica products for photography.

The camera supports only stills, hence, if you are looking for a camera, which will be capable of clicking pictures and shooting videos, then this option will not be the best for you, as it does not have any video-making capability.

In addition, the product is equipped with a nice feature, which is the range finder focusing ability. The optical magnification viewfinder is responsible for excellent quality photos. The Corning Gorilla glass of the camera protects the 3’ LCD monitor to be scratched.

As the screen is enough wide, you can view the clicked pictures easily in it. If you ask what makes the camera unique then the quiet shutter mechanism comes first on the list.

Key Features:

This camera is finished with approximately 24 Mega Pixel full-frame amazing CMOS systems. The ISO compassion of the invention can manage almost up to 6400.

It can shoot continuously at 3 fps and an Optical Intensification viewfinder is present in the camera.

It is prepared with Maestro Mainframe.

  • Amazing CMOS sensor.
  • Excellent viewfinder.
  • No Wi-Fi facility, therefore, you will not be able to transfer files into your phone.

8. Leica SL (TYP 601) Mirrorless Digital Camera

Best Leica Cameras


Next, we have Leica SL (TYP 601) Mirrorless Digital Camera in the list of best Leica Cameras. It is capable of clicking excellent pictures. The product is powered with twenty-four Mega Pixel CMOS Systems.

This device is capable of capturing clear and defectless photos even in a low light situation, as it has a sensitivity power of 50,000.

The absence of the low-pass filter of this camera is making the product distinctive from the other variants of Leica. And the camera is efficient in clicking with detail and that is why most photographers use it as their best companion.

Another important feature of the product is that it has the ability to increase the storage capacity as it is equipped with two memory card slots, which is missing in other variants of Leica.

Key Features:

The camera has a twenty-four MegaPixel sensor along with Maestro Image Mainframe. Leica SL (TYP 601) Mirrorless Digital Camera has a sensitivity capacity of up to 50000.

The camera is available with a default Wi-Fi construction and GPS. This device can record inner DCI 4K video and L-Log Gamma. The product comes with an electronic viewfinder. It has a 2.95” LED touch display and a 1.3” top LCD monitor.

It has a long-lasting waterproof body and comes with two memory card slots. It also has a forty-nine-point AF system.

  • Supreme quality image.
  • Excellent 4k video recording.
  • Equipped with an amazing electronic viewfinder.
  • Heavier than other cameras on the list.

9. Leica Q (TYP 116) Compact Digital Camera

Best Leica Cameras


Next on our list of best Leica cameras is the Leica Q (TYP 116) Compact. It is made with amazing features, like, a 24.2 Mega Pixels CMOS system, 50000 ISO brightness compassion, continuous shooting capability of 10fps, and so on.

With the help of Cumulus Lens, you can easily focus on the subject and make the backdrop blurred. This will add extra creativity to your photos.

In addition, the product comes with a built-in microphone. The camera can record high-quality video with noise cancellation, which is great for making videography. Apart from that, it has a wind filter.

Key Features:

It has a 24.2 MegaPixel system. The camera is proudly powered with a Leica Maestro 2ndImageMainframe. It has an electronic LCOSviewfinder. It comes with a 3” LCD touch display.

The camera has a magnesium and alloy metal body. This camera has an integrated Wireless facility and NFC. The ISO compassion of the camera is 50000. It can manage continuous shots at 10 fps.

It can record Full HD 1080p videos at 60 fps. It also has a contrast-detect autofocus structure.

  • It has great control and handling facility.
  • Powered with a top-class lens.
  • Splendid image quality.
  • The video capability of this variant is not so impressive.

10. Leica M Monochrom (TYP 246) Digital Rangefinder Camera

Best Leica Cameras


The last product we have on our list is the Leica M Monochrom (TYP 246) Digital Rangefinder Camera. It is one of the exquisite products of Leica, the leading German Camera Company.

All Leica products are supreme in their quality as well as service. If you are confused to buy this, then here are the key features of the product, which will surely convince you to buy it.

Key Features:

This camera has a 24 MegaPixel CMOS instrument and Maestro Image Mainframe. The device has a rangefinder along with a picture selector. The camera has a 0.68x visual magnification viewfinder.

It comes with 3” LCD display with Sapphire glass, which is great. The camera has incessant shooting capability at 3 fps with 3 GB bumper. The low light compassion starts from 320 to 25000.

It has a rugged structure because of the magnesium alloy metallic body. It can capture Full HD 1080p video at 24 or 25 fps.

  • The image quality is superb.
  • Equipped with a magnificent viewfinder.
  • It does not have an autofocus facility.
  • ISO of the camera is a high base.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Leica Cameras

Are you crazy about photography? Or are you a photography freak? If you are a passionate photographer then I must say that Leica cameras are for you. You can capture the right moment at the right point in time with this genre of camera.

Whether you are walking on the street or enjoying your favorite TV program while seating on the couch of your home you can use a Leica camera to click pictures of your beloved objects and moments.

But here, in this case, you might ask me as a reader what if I am not a passionate or professional photographer? Can I use this camera whenever I want without having a piece of proper knowledge or skill in photography?

I understand your worries as you are investing a good amount of bucks in purchasing the gadget you might have this question doing rounds in your mind.

And this might worry you more if you are a novice in this field.

However, let me answer your question here. You need not worry if you are a novice because clicking photographs with Leica cameras is not much difficult.

And for this thanks to the German company Leica Camera AG who has specialized in manufacturing cameras, lenses, binoculars, rifle scopes as well as microscopes. I should also say thanks to their innovative technology that has made this genre of the camera quite simple and easy to handle.

To provide my readers with more information here I want to add some quick points or aspects about Leica cameras. I will let you know in this article why should you purchase a Leica camera or what benefits you can gain from this sort of camera that can provide you some added advantages.

To know in-depth just scroll down your mouse and gather knowledge. Let me begin.

Why should you buy a Leica camera?

To begin with, I want to say that Leica cameras are not really very expensive. I know you might be awestruck after hearing this statement of mine.

But hold on I will give you some reasons that will help you to make it understand why I am mentioning this statement.

  1. You can gain resell value– This means after a year or two whenever you want to sell this product you can gain the value of money that you have invested. Unlike its other counterparts, Leica maintains its product’s value well.
  2. The distinguished Leica look– I don’t know whether you will understand this point or not because to get an idea of this point you need to first use the product. However, if you have not yet utilized one let me tell you that after capturing a picture through the Leica glasses or Leica lenses you can feel as well as witness a buttery glow of the picture that you have shot. This camera can help you to witness a minute detail about an object. You can observe the edge-to-edge sharpness of the object you capture.
  3. This camera is handmade– Creating a history of running for more than a hundred years this company has made a record. And to retain its customer base and also to add precision to its products this company totally believes in handmade products.
  4. Adaptable Lenses– One of the key features of this product is the adaptable lenses that the company provides or offers to its customers. The lenses of Leica are not only restricted to this particular camera. You can use Leica lenses on a wide variety of cameras like Olympus, Sony E-mount, and Panasonic Micro Four cameras. You can use the lenses with the help of a simple adapter.
  5. The longevity of the product- The Company Leica Camera AG provides or offers a long time warranty on the products. The longevity of these cameras will really excite you.

I guess the above-mentioned points will help you to understand the usability of the product. Or I think it will help you to understand why you can invest your hard-earned bucks in this special brand of luxury cameras.

A brief guideline for buying Leica cameras

Dear readers in order to make your user process more smooth or more flexible, I can suggest or help you with some guidelines. Moreover, if you have read and heard a lot about this camera brand and its flawless images and you are fascinated to buy one then let me help you out.

In the below-mentioned points, I will help you with a brief guideline that can assist you as well as impart your knowledge about buying the right piece of Leica camera.

  1. The body of the camera– If you talk about the body or looks of the Leica camera then I must say it can be your perfect style partner. The glamorous look of the camera can make anyone envious of the product who will not be able to buy it. This genre of the camera can come in silver color or it might appear as a black one.However, you need to be a bit careful while using the product because a careless act might give a ding or dent on the body of the camera.

    If you are opting to buy a digital one I would suggest you opt for the Leica M10 as it has the thickness of the old film Leica which has a great design along with its super-fast capacity to capture an image. But if you opt to go for a film-based one then I would suggest you have Leica M-A. I can say that this piece can provide you with pure artistic bliss.

  2. Shutter speed of the camera– Do not forget to check the speed of the shutters. Do check whether they are accurate or not. However, let me tell you one thing any piece of Leica camera will provide you with an excellent shutter speed that can make you awestruck.
  3. Battery quality of the camera– Something that you have to consider is the battery of the camera. When you will record a video or taking pictures for quite a while, you will require more battery time. This is to ensure you get the ideal shot. The vast majority of the general population doesn’t focus on it; this is a major slip-up.You would prefer not to have a camera with a little battery as it will come up short on juice all the more rapidly. There are various things that will have an impact on battery time. In the event that you utilize the camera a great deal, the battery will be depleted rapidly.

    Additionally, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi availability will likewise deplete the battery. The greater part of the Leica cameras is they have an enduring battery. This is the reason it is prescribed to opt for this genre of camera.

  4. The right kind of sensor– A large portion of the general population overlooks this factor however it is a standout amongst the most significant interesting points. This kind of sensor is vital for extraordinary execution as it is equipped for changing light into an electric sign for delivering an image.On the off chance that the sensor of the camera is enormous, it will create a fantastic picture. You can experience a full-outline sensor that can become a good aspect. You can also get a Micro Four Thirds sensor feature in some of the Leica cameras.
  5. Focus on the lenses- This will help produce sharp and clear pictures in a wide scope of conditions. This is the reason to think about the focal point quality. It is smarter to purchase a camera with quick gaps and picture adjustment.This is on the grounds that it will enable you to catch extraordinary pictures with soundness and unfaltering quality. There are both, a compatible focal point camera framework and an implicit focal point camera. You can choose the one that you like.

    However, Leica cameras consist of adaptable lenses, and guess what it is one of the most fascinating things about this brand. With the help of a small adapter, you can use the lenses on any camera.

  6. Quality of the image– This is one of the important aspects that you should not forget to check while buying a Leica camera. What is the point of investing a hefty buck if the picture or video quality is not good? So, do care to take a look at this aspect.Generally, the most widely recognized goals that you can obtain from this brand are 720p and 1080p. These days, numerous cameras are offering a 4K view of the images.
  7. Check the weight of the Camera- The majority of the general population disregards the heaviness of the camera; it is one of the greatest oversights. A lightweight camera will put less stress on your body. This is the motivation behind why you have to put resources into a lightweight camera.

I guess now you can get the best Leica cameras for your requirements. There are various components that you have to remember. It is encouraged to conduct extensive research before visiting the market to purchase a camera.

This will enable you to settle on an educated choice and you will purchase the camera that is as per your necessity. You should ensure the camera you pick can become pocket-friendly and match your budget.


I must say with the latest technological advancement the entire cosmos of photography has changed drastically. The method of capturing images with highly enhanced cameras is doing rounds across the globe.

Professional photographers are tending towards capturing moments with cameras having high resolution, enhanced picture quality as well as high-quality lenses. And when talking about an enhanced camera Leica cameras are the best to opt for.

It is a leading manufacturer of high-resolution cameras as well as sports optics. But in this case, you might ask the question of how Leica cameras can enhance your career in photography. Being a professional or aspiring photographer this question is quite apt. Now let me answer your question here.

How Leica cameras can enhance your career in photography?

Leica is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cameras with high-quality technology. If you talk about the lenses of this genre of the camera then let me tell you that cameras from the brand Leica are one of the best in the cosmos. You can use the lenses of the Leica camera with any other camera just by installing a small adapter in it.

Apart from the lenses of this genre of camera other specifications of the Leica camera like its quality of image, sensors, and flash, and the weight of the camera will simply mesmerize you as a photographer whether you are a professional or an amateur.

But one essential fact that you need to keep in mind while starting an operation with Leica cameras is that do not forget to carefully read the user manual.

The user guide will help you to get an idea of how to operate the gadget.

Best Leica cameras that you can definitely buy:

If you are still confused about which Leica camera to buy, then I would like to suggest to you the 2 best Leica cameras that can best suit your requirements and purpose.

  1. Firstly, you can opt for Leica SL (Typ 601) Mirrorless Digital Camera. This one is crafted to capture a high-resolution picture or image. This camera can capture images at 11 fps in companion with burst shots. So, if you want to capture a high-resolution picture this LeciaSL(Typ 601) can definitely help you out.Moreover, if you are capturing an image where the lighting of the area is really low then do not worry because this camera will do wonders for you. It will help you to capture a quality image despite the background lighting.
  2. Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) Digital Rangefinder Camera can be one of the perfect choices or options for you. If you try to capture a landscape image or trying to click the perfect shots of a moving object this gadget can actually help you to get the best shots.And guess what this Leica camera can be your best choice if you are trying to capture a shot in black-and-white color mode. Moreover, you can get a stylish design if you buy this piece.

So, what are you thinking about? If you are finicky about photography then I must say try out the best Leica camera. It can provide you with the best possible shots that you might not have yet imagined.

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