Best Mirrorless Camera under $400

Best Mirrorless Camera under $400 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Cameras are the preferred medium for taking photographs and recording the moments. You can capture the photos and record videos with your smartphones too but for the best looking shots, you need a digital camera only. 

Over a long period of time, the capacity to take better photos through the cameras have also improved. Camera manufacturers work hard to make a camera which can give satisfying photos along with the better experience as well.

It is not easy for you to go each and every online and offline store to try out the best cameras one by one. This can give a stress and at the last, you end up buying a not-so-good camera. 

Just like smartphones are an important part of humans daily lives, the cameras play an important role in the best life’s moments. Continue reading for features comparison with Pros and Cons for the best mirrorless cameras under $400.

I have mentioned 10 best cameras under $400 so that it will be easy for you to choose from. I have written its features an overview to understand the camera closely giving you the best view to choose one from them.

Comparing the features can be the toughest part from your side and you don’t really need to do that. Read our reviews to get a better insight into the best camera for you. There are many brands to get confused too, every product seems good but all are not actually.

Read the review properly and slowly to understand features and best portion of the cameras closely. There are total 10 cameras that I am going to review below.

In order to get the best deal, you need to mark down the important aspects which you are looking in a camera. Whether it is display, better megapixel count, bokeh effect, faster autofocus, the design of the camera or anything that comes in your mind. Just make a list and start reading the review of the camera written below.

If you are looking for a great camera which will capture your each and every detail of your image, Canon EOS M100 mirrorless camera might be a great option. With two color options, the design and the outlook really look so premium. Along with the better focus, the 24.2 MegaPixel lens really helps with the clear and sharp photos, no matter whether you are capturing it on the sunny day or artificial lighting, the performance will be always top notch.

The autofocus of Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera is so powerful that it can capture your image with sharp and clear details giving minimal noise to the photo. In my opinion, at this price point, the camera features seems simply great.

To get more overview of thee features clearly, I have listed the features below;

The highlighting text below is its special feature of Canon EOS M100.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF is something that you need for capturing your daily moments without compromising the clarity. Thanks to the CMOS AF, your wide angle photos will, even more, better than before.

AF Tracking makes sure that you are under the frame for a better picture. Sometimes posing for a long time and getting bad shots can really be so frustrating. Now onwards, just tap shoot button and leave everything for this camera, this will handle everything for your best-looking shots.

Connect and Share your photos you capture wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC so that you are always connected with your multiple devices for managing it remotely.

The Geotag features are simply so cool that allows you to tag a location to the photos so that you will never forget the exact location of your photos again. Just like your smartphone allows you to add a location to your photos and later find them by simply typing an address, the same way this camera works too.



In this digital world, along with your digital watch, you need a digital camera too. There are many small moments you miss daily and regret later for not having that moment with you. For that special moment, this mirrorless camera from Nikon will help you with all your digital photos in your digital world. The seek mirrorless camera is specially designed for photography on the go.

The retro-designed camera is good is hold and will give you a feeling of nostalgia. This camera is backed with 20.8 MP CX-Format BSI CMOS Sensor which makes the image processing so faster to save your time for capturing continuous best moments. Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera can be of your choice because of its features at this price.

The BSI CMOS sensor also helps you capture the detail and hence gives you a sharp and clear photo. The 20.8MP camera sensor also helps in managing the photos better in every lighting condition.

The camera captures photos and videos at 60 frames per second which will give you a nice short with minimal noise. The better autofocus feature and video shooting up to 2160p are ready to take to your shot to another level. Along with that, it gives you the option of wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi as well.

You also have an option to connect the Nikon 1 J5 camera with your smartphone via Nikon’s official app. This will let you manage your camera remotely with the help of your smartphone.

The 3” TFT display is also there to make sure whether you are capturing the good shot or not. You can move the display at an angle of 180° so that you can handle your camera in any direction using your tripod stand.



This mirrorless camera from Samsung is built especially for taking high-quality photos. The great features make this camera better than some of the ranges from the company itself. The 20.3MP CMOS Sensor is especially there for processing high-quality and capturing crystal clear photos. Nowadays, every company is focusing more on making their products better and better.

If you look by the design-wise, it is one of the good-looking cameras, no doubt here. The black and silver body is making the design appealing which is wrapped in a leather-like covering. If you are a person who loves vintage products, you are going to appreciate the design and the look of this camera.

Managing and controlling Samsung’s camera is easy with the help of an official application which even let you capture photos and record videos with the help of your smartphone itself. This is a really handy function for taking some cool photos.

The design is not the only highlighted part, it offers some great features too. It also has a feature of wireless connectivity to connect via built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC. Samsung is offering a new feature called SMART features which allows you for multiple operations like – Social Media Upload, Email, Photobeam, DirectLink, MobileLink, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder PRO, AllShare and Baby Monitoring.

Samsung NX3000 offers a shooting up to 1080p, which is good but not great. It would have been better if it had shooting at 4K.



Sony Alpha A5000 is built for processing high-quality photos. The camera comes with the 16-50mm OSS Lens. Sony lens is often considered as good when it comes to the images quality and processing. Sony manufactures the lenses too, which is easy for them to put great technology into it. Faster image processing gives you some best looking pictures without having any noise in the picture or with a very minimal noise.

It also offers features like wireless connectivity via built-in WiFi connectivity. Nowadays every manufactures is giving features like wireless connectivity. But, the connectivity via Bluetooth and NFC is missing in Sony Alpha A5000. You can also connect this camera via your smartphone by installing Sony’s official app which will help you capture some great shots using the tap of your smartphone screen.

Alpha A5000 offers video recording up to 1080p, which is good but not that great, it could be better if it had at least Ultra HD. But considering the price, this can be a good deal as Full HD is not bad though.

There’s also a tilting display monitor, giving you the relaxation to shot the best photos and videos by knowing what’s happening in front of you.



Panasonic Lumix cameras are known best for its faster image processing speed and better detail in every photo. The Lumix cameras are popular amongst vloggers and photographers as well because of the ability for taking high quality and shake-less photos and videos.

Lumix DMC-GF2 is backed with 12.1 megapixel multi-aspect Live MOS Sensor which gives a sharp photo in every condition no matter if it is day-time or night-time. The 14-42mm lens comes preloaded with the camera and you can also adjust the lens of your own choice and upon your need.

Connecting and managing the camera remotely is simply easy though. You just need to install an official app from App Store or Play Store to get access to. This will help you take shots at just looking at your smartphone screen so that you can identify if the picture is looking good or not without touching your digital camera.

The 3-inch display monitor is also there to understand the distance subjects for capturing the best shot. The display monitor is so handy and easy to operate. It has also got the fastest AF which makes sure that you get the best shot only.

Every smartphone now comes with the feature called portrait mode or bokeh effect which gives the background blur except the focussed subject. You can too capture the bokeh or portrait images with Lumix DMC-GF2, which is quite important for taking some cool looking pictures.

The one thing I didn’t like is the inability to shoot 4K videos as it supports recordings up to 1080p that is Full HD only. Apart from this, everything seems good on this mirrorless camera.



The YI M1 mirrorless digital camera offers a video recording up to 4K, if you are the person who enjoys shooting videos, this mirrorless digital camera is for you. This camera is good for shooting video as well as for making vlogs. For those who are starting a YouTube career, this camera can be a good option with this price point which is loaded with some great features too.

The color options of Xiaoyi YI M1 is interesting as it offers two options; Black and Ice Silver which looks just great and unique. The size of the camera is also very compact which is neither big nor small.

The lens mount of YI M1 is compatible with over different 50 lenses which gives you the freedom to choose from your choice. This is the on-go camera for professionals as well as for beginners.

The Sony sensor in Xiaoyi YI gives unmatchable quality to the photos taken with this camera and adds a vibrant too to the video clips. The Sony sensor in this camera delivers 20-megapixel images and 4K videos without compromising the quality.

There doesn’t seem to have too many cons of this product as the company has really managed to bring together the uncompromising features to deliver the great experience at an affordable price. It too has wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth.



Canon PowerShot SX60 can be a good companion for your camera needs if you just love point and shoot. This camera is handy for you to just focus and shoot. This digital camera is powered by 16.1MP High Sensitivity CMOS Sensor to make your shots more appealing.

Just point and shoot feature is not enough, you really need a camera to record videos at Full HD resolution as well, and here comes the Canon PowerShot SX60. However, I really miss the videos recording at a 4K resolution which PowerShot SX60 doesn’t support. Along with the Full HD recordings, you too have an option of external mic setup for better audio clarity while shooting.

The DIGIC 6 image processor is there to capture detailed photos in every situation. It gives you the accurate and sharp photos no matter which time you capture it. The good part is that it has the fastest AF for the continuous shooting speed so that you will be able to record a plethora of sharp stills and video at full resolution.

This camera is also capable of RAW image capture. The Canon PowerShot SX60 intelligent image stabilization system with different modes helps you get the sharp stills and videos at full resolution.

Along with these features above, it has a display monitor of 3-inch and wireless connectivity support via WiFi and NFC. This will even help you connect your smartphone with your camera to remotely control your device.



This camera doesn’t just offer great features, it has got the best design too. This camera looks so cute, this color is so appealing and gives a feeling of super premium. This a camera with a vintage look gives a satisfaction of 100% premium.

The camera comes with 14-42mm EZ lens for better and sharp photos. With an optical zoom of 3X, Olympus Pen is ready to capture the distance subjects with more detail. The display monitor is also there for navigating the menus and setting up the things.

Olympus Pen comes with necessary tools like a strap, lens cap, charger, flip flash, battery but except memory card. You can insert a memory card of your own choice of capacity. You get all the necessary tools with your packaging box, you can buy even some more tools if you require any.

It has a wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth and with the help of a mobile application, it is so easy to monitor the image you capture. In fact, the app helps you get the best shot at looking at the display of your smartphone. You can control your camera wirelessly with the help of a smartphone even the camera is placed at some distance.

The camera offers a video recording at up to 1080p that is Full HD. However, 4K resolution recordings would be appreciated more but 1080p is not that bad. For beginners who are looking to try their hands on the camera can be the good beginning with Olympus Pen. If you are buying a camera for the first time, you will find the quality of Full HD so good.



Some people like simple looking camera while some like colorful camera. Colorful devices give you another feeling than holding any regular color device. Nikon Coolpix, which is available in red color which is funky yet appealing with style. The Coolpix is pointer and shooter camera which is good for taking photos in just one go by pointing at any subject.

The multiple zoom options are ready to capture your small objects which you can’t identify with your naked eyes. Giving you the sharp and detail photos, Nikon Coolpix is a good companion for you and is ready to take your photos to the next level.

Just like other cameras, Coolpix also has wireless connectivity feature via WiFi and NFC but it lacks connectivity via Bluetooth which could be better if it had but is fine not having that too. You can use the mobile application to control your camera even if it is placed at some distance.

With the power of a 38x optical zoom and telephoto NIKKOR glass lens, it is sure to give an experience of bokeh effect on your photo. The zoom feature is also there for capturing and monitoring each and every detail so closely.

The tilting display monitor of 3-inch gives you the flexibility to move around at every angle to understand the situation better before capturing the final shot. With the video recording up to 1080p, it gives you the freedom to capture HD quality videos.

Some additional features of Coolpix also include like; compact grip-style design, Vibration Reduction (VR), Smart Portrait System and Target Finding AF.



If you are the person who likes the colorful camera, Panasonic Lumix is for you. With multiple color options including Black, Brown, Red, and White, this is a good option for those who love funky colors. Smartphone companies are busy launching their range of smartphones in multi-color, then why should not these camera manufacturers launch their line of products in multicolor options.

Just multiple colors are not the only highlighting part of this camera, it offers some great features too. The 12 Megapixel ultra compact system camera with micro four thirds 14mm F2.5 ASPH Lens is ready to capture all kinds of shots. There’s a large 3.0-inch LCD that allows for intuitive touch control of menus and most shooting, focusing, playback and effects controls.

Along with the large display, there are some preloaded Scene Modes which includes; Portrait, Soft Skin, Scenery, Architecture, Sports, Peripheral Defocus, Flower, Food, Objects, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Illuminations, Baby, Pet, Party and Sunset, which can all be controlled from the intuitive touch-enabled LCD display monitor. You can even control everything with the help of an official application of Panasonic too.

The Panasonic Lumix offers a recording up to 1080p that is Full HD. This camera doesn’t support recordings at 4K resolution. The Contrast Detection Autofocus technology helps in point-and-shoot and new mirrorless Compact System Cameras now approaches the speeds that were once only available from traditional professional-level DSLR cameras. 

The Intelligent Auto mode which specializes in defocusing area, exposure control, and white balance can be adjusted visually for scenes where a slight manual adjustment may produce a more desired result.

Along with the 3-inch display monitor, it has wireless connectivity features as well. The camera offers the bokeh effect too which gives you the sharp photos of the focused subject after blurring everything in the background. 

Nowadays, it is so important and every people are looking for camera devices which has the ability of portrait mode or some people call it a bokeh effect.




I have chosen the cameras under $400 very carefully and written the overview so that you get the info on which one suits your budget and requirement. I have reviewed 10 digital cameras under $400 followed by their pros and cons. There are many factors which decide the way you choose your best camera.

There are people whose requirement varies, someone are looking for cameras for photography while some may be looking for shooting videos. Some might be looking for personal use while some might want it to use for business purposes. The requirements are different so a camera of the choice may differ too.

Due to tough competition in the electronics segment, every manufacturer is working hard to give their best so that they stand in the first line with their great products. I have collected the best cameras together for you to choose the suitable one without having too much stress.

It is you who will have to decide which one to buy, it all depends on all your requirements side. One might be looking according to the comfort and size to carry everywhere they go while for some this might not seem the concern at all.

The battery capacity of all these cameras are good however this cannot be the concern while looking for the best camera. People buy a camera just because to take great pictures and videos wherever they go. They purchase great cameras for capturing great moments only.

However, If I will have to choose one camera out of all 10, I would rather choose Xiaoyi YI M1 Mirrorless camera as it is fully packed with such great features at an amazing price. This camera offers a video shooting at a resolution of 4K which is anytime will give you the best quality videos.

Xiaoyi M1 gives you a freedom to choose any lenses you want, topping up your camera with the best lens can give you the best experience in capturing detail photos and recording videos at high resolution. Along with that, you can install Xiaoyi official camera app to connect your camera with your smartphone and then use it remotely for capturing photos and shooting videos. If you want, you can too use it as the action camera for your taking the best video shots.

It has got the Sony lens so that it is sure that you will get uncompromised image quality and faster image processing anytime.

This is my opinion about the Xiaoyi and the best camera amongst all above.

Read the reviews properly and choose the one which you loved the most and purchase that only. Considering Xiaoyi camera at conclusion doesn’t mean that you should choose this camera only but this is my personal preference amongst all the above. The preference varies from one person to another.

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