Best Tripods for Food Photography

Best Tripods for Food Photography

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best tripods for food photography in the market along with a comparison table to help you choose the best tripod possible for your need.

Food is one of the most important aspects of life, therefore preparing it and tasting different cuisines is something that is admired by all throughout the world.

Photography has made it possible for people from different countries to showcase their cuisines prepared in their restaurants to everyone, therefore capturing the image of the amazing food is very essential.

Yes, having a great camera and lens is a must for this, and having “the best tripods for food photography” is equally important. Photographing food is good for advertising as well as marketing the different variables that the restaurant has to offer.

Restaurants are not the only place that wishes to advertise, they are advertised for different business purposes as well.

To click an appealing image one needs to place the camera in an appropriate and steady position, so, how do we achieve this? Handheld photography is not sufficient, in which case tripods will come in handy.

Capturing your food is not always possible in bright light, most of the time it is photographed in low light conditions and indoors which will require setting your camera at a lower shutter speed and ISO, therefore it needs to be placed on the tripod.

Best Tripods For Food Photography

1. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT Aluminum Tripod

Best Tripods for Food Photography


Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT Aluminum Tripod Legs weigh about 5.38 lbs and can carry up to 15.4 lbs of load. The height of the tripod is 24″ when collapsed and 65″ when extended.

This tripod has a center column that is changeable and it can be extended in a horizontal manner as well as vertical. The tripod’s aluminum legs allow us to position it at various angles.

Its adaptable feature has placed this tripod in the top position for any type of photographic venture. One thing to note about this tripod is that it does not include a head, however, there are a lot of options out there that suit this tripod.

This tripod has three aluminum legs that have leg locks that can be released swiftly and they can be set at three different angles- 25, 50, and 80 degrees. There is a small set of tools provided with this which can be used to make the screws on the lock tight every now and then.

The tripod has a single lock and single knob that needs to be adjusted as per your needs, yet the center column is a little tricky to adjust if you want to set it for overhead photography.

While extending the center column you should make sure not to extend it too much since the center column might bend more and fall off.

When you extend the center column to the threshold level, then make sure that the ground on which it is placed is very steady.

  • The legs are provided with a rubber base that has spikes that have a great grip.
  • Suitable for various environments.
  • Extendable center column.
  • Frustrating to adjust the center column, needs a solid ground.
  • The legs of the tripod don’t get locked down.

2. Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod

Best Tripods for Food Photography


Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod weighs about 3.74 lbs with 68.2” height when extended and when folded the height is 29”. It can carry up to 15.4 lbs of load.

The legs can be positioned at four different angles- 20, 40, 60, and 80 degrees. The tripod is suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots and can be used under any weather condition, even snow too.

There are not many options that suit a head for this tripod, however, the ones that suit, especially BH-100 are very heavy.

Don’t get upset because of the heavy head because this tripod will work wonders when placed in the right environment such as in a studio as it is very versatile and has great stability both of which are something you should look for to photograph food.

Even in the extended position, it is very stable. It can be twisted, turned, and kept at an angle that the photographer desires to get that perfect shot for food photography. The tripod comes with a bag in which you can store and carry it anywhere.

One admirable feature about the tripod is that, if there are scratches on the center column, all you have to do is just wipe it off and they are gone.

People who are newbies in the photography and tripod world might find it a little difficult to understand this tripod since it has many knobs and dials which are all placed on the same side.

The center column of Vanguard Alta Pro is exceptional as it can be tilted more than 90 degrees. It also spins and extends.

  • Weight is less.
  • Adaptable to all situations.
  • Stability when the center column is extended.
  • The Center column extends, turns, and twists.
  • The rubber base comes with a notch to lock.
  • Has heavy head options.
  • Multiple knobs are overwhelming.

3. ZOMEI 75” Tripod With 360 Degree Ball Head

Best Tripods for Food Photography


ZOMEI 75” tripod with 360 degrees ball head weighs about 3.48 lbs and can carry a load of 17.6 lbs max. It has a collapsible and extendable height of 18” and 75” respectively.

It is made up of magnesium alloy and aluminum. Along with the ball and socket head, the tripod is well built, given the fact that it is extendable up to 75”.

When a camera with a macro lens is placed at this height a great view of the object can be captured from the top angle.

It has a well-built socket head as well as the ball that is included in the kit. Both of them can be operated easily and smoothly.

This tripod is very compact in size. It can be folded into small sizes and taken to any place you desire since the Zomei tripod’s legs are divided into four parts.

Tripod locks are very firm and the screws can be made loose or tight by applying little pressure. The center column of this tripod can be used in the horizontal posture, however, it is not very easy to do so. center column extension is not much in comparison to other tripods.

  • Well-built body of the tripod.
  • Extends up to 75”.
  • Folds into a very compact size.
  • Can be carried anywhere easily.
  • The center column extension is less.
  • Placing the center column horizontally is a little tough.

4. Vanguard VEO 2 265CB Carbon Fiber Tripod

Best Tripods for Food Photography


Vanguard VEO 2 265CB Carbon Fiber Tripod weighs about 2.98 lbs which are very less compared to others with extension up to 59”. The maximum load it can carry is 17.6 lbs.

The legs of this tripod can be positioned at three angles – 20, 45, and 80 degrees. Vanguard VEO 2 265CB Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod comes with a center column that consists of a rotation structure that is very special and distinctive since the tripod can be set up in just a wink of an eye.

It’s locking and the unlocking system takes just ¼ of twisting, hence making it an advanced one. All these features combined will help in deploying and setting the tripod very easily.

Its ball head has 3 knobs that are used for locking, controlling friction, and panning. Its legs have 5 sections that are made up of carbon fiber. The different degrees to which the legs can be placed independently make it possible to place the tripod on uneven ground, hence images can be captured from any angle.

The base of the legs is made up of rubber with spikes to make sure it holds the grip. There is a loop provided on the canopy where you can place weights to balance the camera or hang bags to provide more stability.

The tripod has an excellent grip due to the rubber handle and comes with a bag that you can strap on your shoulders.

  • Very lightweight, easy to carry, and good grip.
  • Even though the tripod is lightweight it can carry up to 8kg of the load.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The Center column is improvised and can be set up within 15 seconds.
  • The ball head has 3 knobs all are independent and perform actions separately.
  • Expensive when compared to others.
  • The height of the center column extension is less.

5. Neewer Tripod Monopod with Rotatable Center Column

Best Tripods for Food Photography



Neewer Tripod Monopod with Rotatable Center Column weighs about 4.8 lbs and can carry loads up to 26 lbs. The height of the tripod when collapsed is 24” and when it is extended it is 75”.

This tripod is very exceptional because of its one feature that is, it has panoramic markings that are inbuilt and is present below the ball head.

The socket head and ball are included with the tripod. The tripod is made of aluminum and it is a little heavy which is both good and bad. Good because it is “the best” tripod to get overhead shots.

The center column can be fixed to a leg that is detachable and makes use of it like a monopod. The center column can be inverted and fixed since it is detachable which is useful for capturing an object that is at a lower angle.

It rotates in a horizontal manner up to 360 degrees and can be mounted in this position to capture panoramic views.

The build of this tripod is durable and firm. The feet are anti-slip which makes them very steady to use on any surface.

The center column has two sections and the height of the legs can be adjusted since it has four sections. Legs are provided with knobs that can be twisted to lock and unlock.

  • The construct of the tripod is durable and firm.
  • Stability is ultimate.
  • The feet are non-slippery.
  • 360 degrees center column horizontal rotation.
  • Useful for panoramic shots
  • Very heavy to carry around.

6. Benro SystemGo Plus Aluminum Tripod

Best Tripods for Food Photography


Benro GoPlus Travel FGP18A + B0 weighs about 4.29 lbs and can carry a maximum load of up to 22 lbs. When it is extended the height is 64.96” and when folded its height is 18.11”.

The legs of this tripod are made of aluminum and the center column is adjustable and can be rotated up to 180 degrees which can be useful to shoot food from any angle you desire.

It does not include a ball head and needs to be purchased separately. The feet are made of an anti-slip rubber base and steel spikes are also included which can be interchanged as per the grip you need for the shoot.

Spikes come in a soft case that is padded that are useful if you want to showcase your cuisines in the outdoor environment. On uneven grounds, the legs can be positioned at different angles.

We can say that this is a tripod that ticks all the necessary boxes since it folds into a compact size, has a magnificent height, and carries a heavy load. The center column spinning feature is very useful and it can be locked at different angles.

To make leveling of the tripod simpler the platform and head of the tripod are fixed with bubble levels. It can also be used as a monopod by removing one leg of the tripod.

  • Folds into a compact size.
  • Huge maximum load carrying.
  • Can be used as a monopod.
  • The ball head and socket head are not included.

7. STURDY TIGER 75” Tripod

Best Tripods for Food Photography


STURDY TIGER 75” Camera Tripod & Monopod weighs about 3.5 lbs and can carry a load of up to 15.5 lbs max. The collapsible and extendable heights are 18.5” and 67” respectively.

The majority of photographers are well aware of the brand Sturdy Tiger. For a very long time, they have had a reputation of providing a product worth its value and it has continued to maintain its reputation with this tripod as well.

The build of this tripod is of aluminum which can go up to a maximum of 67” in height and comes with both socket and ball head. The head can be locked in place and it is smooth to touch.

The leg of the tripod can be removed by backing the center column and used as a monopod. It can also be extended in a horizontal manner by mounting it so that you can capture photographs of food from an overhead position.

Although this tripod is made of metal, yet very lightweight and easy to carry around, and excellent for traveling. However, if you wish to extend the center column horizontally it is better to add some extra weight to counterbalance and fix the camera rig.

It is not very easy or simple to place the center column horizontally. The extension of this tripod is not that great in comparison to others.

  • Lightweight even though made of metal.
  • Can be used as a monopod.
  • The column extends horizontally.
  • Setting the center column horizontally is not simple.
  • The extension is a little less compared to other tripods.

8. Manfrotto Befree Advanced Aluminum Tripod

Best Tripods for Food Photography


Manfrotto Befree advanced weighs about 3.6 lbs and can carry a maximum load of 17.6 lbs. The height when extended is 59.05” and when collapsed the height is 15.7”.

All the series of this brand are very compact and are divided into 4 sections. This advanced version of the Manfrotto Befree tripod is recommended to people who have made photography their hobby.

The tripod comes with a 494 center ball head which is one of the best kinds Manfrotto can offer and it has 3 knobs to control the panning of the camera up to 360 degrees, lock and unlock the ball head and for friction adjustment.

The lever lock and the twist-lock look similar, however, there is very little difference in the height.

Look wise they have been improvised and do not have red stripes on them, however, their legs have strips that look very stylish. There are rubber grips provided to help withstand cold weather. All 4 section ends have rubber boots.

The center column can be adjusted in height by holding the grip and making it tight or loose. This tripod’s ball head moves horizontally both clockwise and anticlockwise by making the screw provided on the knob loose.

  • The ball head is designed in a very exceptional way.
  • The stability is excellent.
  • The locking system is quick.
  • Very heavy to carry around.
  • Can be a little expensive to some.

9. Gitzo GT1544T Tripod

Best Tripods for Food Photography


Gitzo GT1544T Series 1 6X weighs about 2.16 lbs and can carry a maximum weight of 17.64 lbs. The height when extended is 55.91” and when the center column is not extended its height is 45.87”.

The height when collapsed is 8.66”. Gitzo is actually owned by Manfrotto which is well known by all photographers since it is specialized in producing higher-end tripods.

The GT1544T was designed for people who are looking for highly portable tripods. Even though it is very lightweight the durability and functions of the tripod are not compromised.

The tripod legs are made up of a weave of 6x carbon fiber which is one of the best Gitzo can offer this is the reason the stability is very excellent and overall it is lightweight.

The legs can be folded up to 180 degrees, when all the legs are folded it envelops the center column as well as the head of the tripod, but the ball and socket head is not included with the tripod.

This tripod is revolutionizing the world of photographers who like to travel the world and different locations to capture the various food found there as its legs are divided into 4 sections fold into 180 degrees and become compact.

The tripod can be set up quickly because the legs are made of G-locks and the locks are made of magnesium casting so that the weight is held

  • Manfrotto is a parent company, hence an excellent tripod.
  • Very compact and very lightweight carbon fiber.
  • Legs fold to envelop the center column.
  • Nothing worth mentioning.

10. Sirui Easy ET-2204

Best Tripods for Food Photography


Sirui Easy ET-2204 weighs about 3.79 lbs and can carry a load of 26.5 lbs max. Its height when collapsed is 5” and when it is extended the height is 57.1”.

This tripod was designed specifically for people who want to take it everywhere with ease, hence ensuring portability.

The legs of the tripod are made of carbon fiber and they are divided into 4 sections. The legs can be folded back so that it envelops the center column making it very compact to store and carry.

They are available in both aluminum as well as carbon fiber, however here the carbon fiber tripod is being reviewed. Sirui Easy comes with a complete kit that includes a ball head and socket head.

All 4 sections of the legs consist of big positive lever locks. The center column can slide so that it can be adjusted to your preferred height which can be locked in that position by twisting the knob.

The legs of the tripod can be fixed independently at three different angles- 21, 52, and 81 degrees. This includes another center column that is short in size and it is provided so that you can shoot from as low as 13.5cm height.

The feet are fixed with rubber and there are double foam leg warmers to sustain the low temperatures.

  • The features provided for legs allow shooting in any weather condition.
  • The Center column is short.
  • Legs can be folded to envelop the center column.
  • Nothing much.


Basically, when you choose a tripod for food photography you should look for the ones that have a very stable head as well as legs. Tripods that have rubber feet, adjustable angles especially that offer overhead and 45-degree angles, height adjustment, and one that can carry the load of the camera that you are using.

Commonly it should bear the weight of about 15 to 20 lbs, therefore, you can choose the Gitzo GT1544T tripod if you are a beginner or Manfrotto Befree if you are looking for overhead photography as they have all the necessary features you need to photograph your food.

A few things to not worry about while choosing are the locking system, the angle of the legs, and minimum height. Budget is another aspect that you should keep in mind before buying a tripod.

There are tripods for all kinds of people, people looking to begin their career as food photographers, who wish to click photos with an overhead view, and professional food photographers.

You need to first decide whether the shoots will be happening indoors or outdoors following which choosing the right tripod will depend because if the shoot is going to happen in a studio indoors it might not require much traveling.

In this case, even if the tripod you choose is heavy it will not matter much, however, if the shoots are going to happen outdoors, you will need to choose a lightweight tripod.

Mostly, professional food photographers prefer to have both kinds. One thing to keep in mind is tripods are very essential to capture “The” perfect shot!

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