Best Tripod for Nikon d3400

Best Tripod for Nikon d3400 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you thinking how to get rid of the shaking blur from your photographs? Do you wonder how professional photographers get crisp and sharp images even in bad light conditions?

Well, many novice photographers commonly perceive that their entry level DSLR may not be suitable for low light photography.

For example, Nikon D3400 users often come with such perception. In reality, you can get amazingly crisp and sharp photographs with your Nikon D3400 even in low light conditions. For that, you need to make some expenses in buying a common camera accessory. This accessory is nothing but a tripod.

Typically, tripod has been defined as the stand for your camera. Holding the camera on hand could result into shaking effects, especially when you are working with low shutter speed of your camera.

To omit this shaky blur from photographs, professional photographers mount camera on the tripod. It gives you great freedom to experiment with low shutter speed of your camera. It makes your night photographs exceptionally good.

In many large telephoto lenses, image stabilization or VR can be found to be absent. Getting a photograph without blur at the maximum zoom with these lenses would become almost impossible. Using a tripod will help you to get rid of such drawback of the lenses without VR.

So, tripod is a must-have accessory for the photographers. If you have Nevertheless, we would like to suggest you some suitable tripods for your camera in the following section. But, before going to that, here are a few things that you need to know when buying a tripod. You can also check out the best flexible tripods for Nikon D3400and other Nikon DSLRs.

   Load Capacity: Every tripod comes with specific loading capacity. Mounting the camera is not an issue, but overall weight of the camera increases when you are using a large telephoto zoom lens. So, the load capacity has to be checked.

 Built Quality: Whenever you purchase a product, you of course want to check how it feels. So, basically we try to understand the built quality of the products. When built quality is good, you can expect durable service from the product. The similar thing has to be kept in mind when purchasing a tripod.

  Compatibility: Not all tripods could be compatible with your Nikon D3400 camera. So, you have to find a product that is perfectly compatible with your camera otherwise the tripod becomes a useless thing.

  Price: Based on built quality and compatibility, you could find different sorts of products featuring different prices. You can find budget friendly products and at the same time posh as well as expensive products. The choice depends on the pocket pinch that you are ready to tolerate.

Best 5 Tripods for Nikon D3400

In the following section, we have picked up five most popular tripods that are compatible with Nikon D3400. Salient features of these products will be analyzed and unbiased reviews on them will be presented.

At the top of the list, we have this product from Neewer. The manufacturer is trusted for selling good quality products.

For more than a decade, this company is efficiently producing exceptional quality products for the buyers. This particular tripod comes with an impressive specification.

Weighing just 3.4 lbs, it is light and thus easily portable. Photographers, who also happen to be passionate traveler, would definitely try to find a product that features excellent portability. The collapsed height and extended height are 19” and 66.1” respectively. It can bear with maximum load of 26.5 lbs.

The most notable part of this tripod is its versatility. As it is made with carbon fiber, it happens to be light weighted. Nevertheless, it features excellent durability. Metallic products tend to get rust. But, with this product nothing such will occur.

It has been made to serve the buyers for a long course of time. The tripod can be transformed into monopod, as required by the users. This is surely an added advantage of this product. 

It comes with twist lock, instead of level lock. This particular feature could be a little confusing for the users.



Overall, the product is quite good in terms of its salient features in offering for the users. Being sturdy and easily portable, it assures to be a value for the money product for the buyers.

This product has been exclusively manufactured for the entry level DSLR users. The weight of this product is only 540 Gm. So, it is a not difficult to carry this tripod on your holiday trips.

The height can be adjusted using simple push lock. Height ranges from 380 MM to 1210 MM. Maximum load capacity of the tripod is 2000 Gm, as specified by the manufacturer. Hence, using large zoom lenses or telephoto lenses with your camera, mounted on this tripod, would not be a compatibility problem.

Presence of quick leg lock makes it simple as well as convenient to be used. The body of this tripod is made with aluminum. So, it is assured to stay rust free. Aluminum based products also become light weighted.

The only criticism that it could potentially draw is absence of mobile holders. Smartphone devices come with excellent camera settings these days. Thus a contemporary tripod is expected to have mobile holder.

Though mobile holder is not there, it has the provision to attach a mobile holder that you could purchase separately.



Featuring aluminum body and standard size as well as design, this is another tripod that is perfectly compatible with Nikon D3400. Since it is made of aluminum, it is expected to be a little heavier than carbon fiber made products.

However, the extra weight is negligible. At the end of the day, users would not find any issues with portability of the product.

Featuring 3.7 lbs weight, this tripod assures to bear with the load of 7.6 lbs. The extended height is 65”, and the collapsed height is 22”. From the specification, it is visible that height is standardized. There is not special or unusual to mention in this regard.

Another notable thing is that the tripod can be transformed into monopod easily.



Since it is a budget-friendly product, buyers would not get the finest built quality. But, it has to be said that the product is worth for the money that you pay for it.

Weighing only 2.64 lbs, this is so far the most light-weighted tripod that has been included in this list of the compatible tripods for Nikon D3400.

This tripod is built for the entry level photographers and thus mount load has been restricted to only 3.30 lbs. The product is highly affordable due to its low pricing. It comes with a unique pistol grip and ball head combination.

Due to this reason, it has turned out to be more user-friendly than other products. Due to the pistol grip, it provides ease ion shooting photos in landscape mode.

If you happen to be a traveler, the product is ideal for you due to its light weight. You can easily take this product in your hiking or camping trips. It does not add strain on your back, as it is very light weighted product.

The build quality is also good, if not exceptional. You cannot expect more than all these things for the price that you pay for this tripod.



At the end of the list, we have this tripod which features seamless compatibility with Nikon D3400.

The tripod has been designed for the professional level photographers, who generally use large telescope lenses. It comes with 3 KG or 3000 Gm weight bearing capacity.

Your device will remain completely safely mounted on this tripod stand. Height of this tripod ranges from 470 MM to 1460 MM. it features three ways pan head.

As a result, effortless panning with your camera can be done.



Since it is designed to hold more mount load, the product has itself turned a little heavy in weight. Carrying such a product could be a little troublesome for some people, especially when you are on a hiking or campaign trip


To sum up things, it has to be said that there is no dearth of good tripods for Nikon D3400 users. Products feature different specifications, along with unique pros and cons.

As per your budget and requirements, you need to pick a product. So, choose your tripod wisely and enjoy snapping around!

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