Best Vlogging Cameras Under $300 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Sharing our ideas, crafts and knowledge are one of the best things which a person can ever do. Whether it’s on social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, or on video sharing platform such as YouTube, one always wants to be the best in front of their audience. To be the best and to showcase your ideas in the best possible manner it is essential that you have the right tools available on your side always. Without these tools, all of your efforts may go to waste.

Among these tools, Vlogging camera is the most essential tool which we recommend that every person should have who is active on social media or video sharing website, or has a channel on YouTube to share the content of their choice. Some of you may be planning to start your own channel as well, this list of the “Best vlogging cameras” will prove productive for you too.

Budget is one of the biggest obstacles which most of you may come across in order to start your own Vlogging channel. Since for most people it’s the information that is of utmost value, they need to understand that spending at least $300 on your next vlogging camera can get you something that can enhance your overall video recording experience to a level apart.

The ever-increasing popularity of YouTube has changed the entire vlogging journey of most of the people. Whether vlogging is a part-time hobby for you like many YouTubers, or you want to be a professional vlogger to carve out your own profession, becoming a successful vlogger is not that comfortable at all. In fact, it involves you to make some investments as well before you plan to start your journey.

The first and foremost essential tool which you need for vlogging is the camera. And why not? After all, it’s the camera which showcases all your efforts in front of the screen. Your quality content can only be of high quality if it has been produced in the high quality video.

Therefore, considering the needs of vloggers and looking at the budget constraints we have listed out the best, the most affordable and the most effective vlogging cameras which you can get in the market today under a price tag of $300. Once you have the camera, you can rest assured that your videos will be the best at all times.

If you’re planning to start your vlogging journey, your vlogging camera is going to be your next best friend in the coming days. Therefore, it’s essential that you must choose the best for your budget.

When shopping for your next vlogging camera, there are many important factors which you should consider and you should also remain aware of the camera features. Since most vlogs are close up, the first and foremost thing you need to understand is that zoom is not that much needed for vlogging.

In most of the scenarios, you also don’t require the flash in your camera. Apart from that, you can even ignore the megapixel count as long as the video quality is best.

Most of the point and shoot cameras which are available in the market are designed to serve multiple purposes, however since you need the camera for vlogging only, most of them are not useful for you. Also, if you’re planning to vlog your travel journeys it would not be a terrible idea to consider a camera that has a decent zoom feature.

Apart from that, there are numerous other things which we have listed out below that you must consider before purchasing your camera.

A good vlogging camera will always ease your tasks while recording the videos. Whether you are capturing the videos at home or at home, the struggles which you have to deal with related to lighting, editing and connectivity options, a good vlogging camera will ensure that you get the best solution to all your troubles under one roof only.

Now that you are aware of the things you can do with the vlogging cameras, let’s have a look at the “Top 10 vlogging cameras who are breaking the internet under $300”.

Best vlogging cameras under $300

The camera comes with a powerful zoom that can help you record your journeys in close-up even when you’re sitting at a distant place. The high priority mode in the camera packed with the backlight correction is a great feature to help you get the best shots which you can. What’s best is that the camera comes with the slow and fast recording modes built in, hence much of your editing time gets saved.

For making memories and capturing amazing vlogs, this lightweight package is the topmost choice among or “Top 10 Vlogging Cameras”.

Key Features

  • 57x Optical Zoom

The Canon Vixia HF R800 comes equipped with an impressive 57x Advanced zoom which allows you to create videos with dynamic variety, it lets you be the action even when shooting from a far place. This vlogging camera with its continuously variable zoom speed setting is available with 15 levels.

  • Super Range Optical Image Stabilization

Unlike most of the other vlogging cameras who do not equip OIS, the Vixia HF R800 is powered by a SuperRange Optical image stabilizer which helps you to correct camera shake quickly, even when the videos are captured sitting far, the final videos don’t have any sort of shakes at all.

The dynamic image stabilization system on this Canon camera stabilizes rotational camera shake, which helps you ensure smooth, virtually, distortion-free video, even you are walking with the camera in your hand. All users who desire to capture the best vlogging moments or some lively moments with their family, the Canon Vixia HF R800 is the most feature-rich cameras for them to use.

  • Digic DV image processor

For the best vlogging performance, the VIXIA HF R800 is equipped with a robust DIGIC DV 4 image processor which can help you capture more light, for beaming virtually noise-free images, even when you’re recording them in darkness.



There’s no denying the fact that Panasonic has some of the best cameras available for the Vloggers. The Panasonic Lumix ZS50 is one of the most feature packed cameras which you can get under $300. Panasonic has partnered up with Leica for its camera lenses, and there’s no denying the fact it has offered the best combination of superior optics and ground-breaking electronic technology to this device.

The Lumix ZS50 also continues this fantastic pairing in its compact form factor and lightweight design. The lens on this camera is the absolutely fantastic one which delivers crystal clear video in both wide angles and zoomed recordings. If you’re someone who really wants the perfect machine for vlogging their journeys, then this camera will certainly not disappoint you.

Additionally, the camera also provides great performance in low light conditions, it also allows you to record photos in RAW format which gives you more post-production ending control.

Overall, the Panasonic Lumix ZS50 is a pleasure to vlog with while also delivering great video and audio.


Key features

  • 30x Optical Zoom

The Leica 24mm DC Vario-Elmar lens on this camera offers a durable 30x optical zoom which will help you capture great videos.

  • High sensitivity MOS sensor

No worries about the low-light conditions anymore, you can easily capture more details and less image noise with the new, large pixel-size High sensitivity MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor on the Lumix ZS50.

  • High-speed video recording

This Panasonic vlogging camera can record with 100fps in HD resolution and 200fps in VGA. With the high-speed video recording capabilities on this camera, you can easily record fast moving objects and enjoy them later in crystal-clear slow motion.



Another great offering from Canon in our Best vlogging cameras under $300 price tag, the Canon PowerShot SX610 HS. It is a nice little camera which offers an 18x zoom lens packed with a wide-angle capability of 25mm.

It’s a lightweight camera which is easy to hold while traveling. The best features which you get with this camera is intelligent IS system on this device, which is a versatile image stabilization system which automatically senses the shooting situation and then chooses the correct stabilization mode for it. And the best part is that this feature is available in video recording as well, hence its a great plus for many vloggers.

The Dynamic IS mode is effective for capturing videos at wide-angle focal lengths and elimination all the unwanted shaking which typically occurs while walking.

While on the other hand the Powered IS compensates for hand movement when shooting the videos in telephoto end of the zoom range, where the camera shake is magnified.


Key features:

  • High zoom and auto zoom:

Along with a compact form factor, the Powershot SX610 HS also boasts an 18X optical zoom sensor with intelligent IS capability which helps you ensure your subject is always in the frame and keep it in focus.

  • Intelligent Image Stabilization:

With this Powershotcamera, it’s easy to capture clear, steady videos even in the low light conditions without using a tripod, this is the reason why the camera is equipped with an innovative intelligent IS. The Normal IS, Panning, IS, Macro IS are great for photos as well.

  • Connectivity options

For all those who want the highest level of versatility out of their camera, this is the perfect package for them. The Canon Powershot SX610 HS also comes equipped with NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity features which can help you capture the videos and share them instantly via the camera itself.



4.) Nikon Coolpix L340

Some people are much comfortable with the bigger cameras in comparison to the smaller ones when it comes to recording the videos for vlogging. The Nikon Coolpix L340 is one such camera that has more heft to it. The camera is also significantly larger than most of the other cameras on our list.

Being larger in size, the camera offers a great hand grip while using. Even when the person holding the camera is moving, they can still record great videos on the go. The 28x zoom lens is also a great help while recording vlogging videos on this camera.

The large size compartment on the Coolpix L340 is to house 4 x AA’s which may seem a bit old school in comparison to nearly every other camera available in the market. For an easy and quick solution, one can get the rechargeable battery to cut down costs.

The one and the most enticing feature available on this camera is the availability of a great internal camera. Although the internal camera is not as great as an external microphone, it is still one of the best microphones available on the cameras. You can pick each and every sound which is happening around the camera in real time. However, the hissing noises when listening on high volume can become tiring for you as well since the camera picks up every single subtle noise around it. Also, when you zoom in and zoom out, the sound of the lens moving inwards and outwards gets recorded on the camera.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Nikkor Lens Technology for Maximum Detail and Coverage

The Nikon L340 features a 28X optical zoom lens with 35mm equivalent coverage of 22.5 to 630mm, with this camera, no shot is out of space ever. All the people who are looking to capture shots of the wide-angle landscape or close-up for their vlogging will certainly be pretty satisfied with the overall quality delivered by the camera.

  • Seamless Video Recording Capabilities to Capture Special Moments

This Nikon camera also equips a dedicated button for video capture, you can seamlessly shoot videos on this camera in 720p HD resolution. With the Nikon Coolpix L340, you can easily capture most of your important vlogs in high quality without wasting a single moment.

  • Packed with Useful Features

Additionally, the camera features a 3-inch LCD display with the 460K-dot resolution for composing and reviewing your pictures with ease. For carrying around on your trips, this camera is a great choice.                               



Looking for something unusual capture all your journeys? The YI 4K+ is a true masterpiece in its class. It is an action camera designed to capture some of the best videos in the market. The frame rate of 60 fps is twice as compared to its nearest competitors. And the best part is that it is one of those cameras which captures 4K videos thus making this one of the best choices in the market. Apart from that, the camera also packs some unique features which makes it a great choice among all the other cameras available in the market.

This camera is one of the best purchases you can make on our Top 10 cameras under $300 list.


Key Features

  • Voice command

The voice command feature available on the camera is a great add-on which gives you the freedom to record amazing videos with its hands-free control.


  • Easy user interface

The YI 4K+ comes with a great, smooth and intuitive user interface which offers greatly advanced image quality settings for professionals.


  • Numerous connectivity options

The YI 4K+ has the fastest and the most convenient USB connections available in the market today. Hence it provides an unmatched convenience to overall vlogging experience. The data transfer rate is high and the camera also supports an external microphone.

  • Raw Format

The YI 4K+ is not only a video camera but also captures great stills in high quality. It can capture the videos in a RAW format which is an amazing feature on it.



Equipped with a 30x zoom with ameliorated sharpness and viewfinder to diminish sunny days glare, the Coolpix S9900 is among some of the best choices which are available in the market today. The low light sensitivity of the camera offers better sharpness even without flash.

Since most of the smartphones are replacing the need of the compact cameras these days, the S9900 is a breath of fresh air to change. It is a fantastic camera for all those people who are looking for great low light vlogging and ergonomic design while using the camera.

Key Features:

  • Design

Just like some of the best mirrorless Nikon cameras, the Coolpix S9900 also comes with a slim looking form factor, ergonomic design that offers great build quality.The easy to use buttons are great for quick access and instant controls.

  • Handling

Possibly the prodigious and most embraced feature of this camera. We think that the Nikon Coolpix S9900 has the most comfortable grip while using it due to its curved grip design. You can easily move with the camera in your hand and the image stabilization with help you recording everything without any hindrance.

  • Performance

The camera sensor on this camera is a ½.3 inch 16 megapixels which can capture more light than most of the other cameras on our list. It produces great images with low noise levels in low lighting conditions as well.

  • Wi-Fi

The Coolpix S9900 comes equipped with built-in NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities which allow you to use the smartphone camera as remote with its phone application and use the camera on the go with mobile.

  • OIS

The Nikon S9900 camera also features one of the best optical image stabilization systems which we have seen till date in such a tight budget.



When it comes to the convenience and overall performance of a camera while recording the vlogs, the GoPro Hero 5 is perhaps one of the first and the foremost cameras which may come to the mind of many of the users. There are numerous features which make it one of the best cameras on our Top 10 cameras under $300 list. Its 4K video recording capability, voice control, and easy to use touch display has made recording videos seamlessly than ever before. Apart from that, since the camera is an action camera, the ability to mount makes it one great choice.

Key Features:

  • Design

The GoPro Hero 5 is varnished with a rubberized material which makes using the camera in the regular use super fun. With the waterproof protection, the camera can also be used in a depth of 15mm or deeper.

  • Video recording

The GoPro Hero 5 camera comes with a fixed lens but has the capacity to capture videos from five different fields of view. The camera is embedded with a different lens to make your overall video recording experience better.

  • Battery

The latest Hero 5 comes equipped with a 1220 mAh battery which can capture almost 3.5 hours of continuous videos on a single charge. But for safety, we suggest that you carry an extra battery with you.

  • Mount feature

Unlike most of the other vlogging cameras under $300, the Hero 5 equips mounting features and can be installed on top of a helmet or motorbike to help you record your videos on the go.



There’s no denying the fact that you must always go with a camera with least zoom for vlogging since there’s no need. However, the there adventure has no time or mood, it can come to you at any point in time and you there are times when you just can’t control yourself. In times like these, the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS fulfils the demand by offering the perfect combination of the most effective zoom mechanism packed in a compact form factor.

Replacing its predecessor SX520, the SX530 is the compact machine which features a 50x optical zoom mechanism along with a 100x digital zoom plus to enhance your overall video making experience.

Key Features

  • Design

When it comes to design in comparison to the other choices available in the market today, the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS does not do any remarkable job. The camera is a bit heavy and even when using the camera with both of your hands, you may need to use your both the hands for a comfortable grip. However, one good thing about it is that the camera does give you a confident feel while holding it.

  • Image quality

There’s no denying the fact that one of the most influential points of this Canon model is its image quality. The pictures and videos captured on this camera are amazingly great during daylight conditions. The images and videos are sharp and well-lit as well. Plus, the saturation level is also pretty appreciable.

  • Optical Display

The visual display of this product is one of the best and the most detailed features that you can look up to. This camera is something worth the investment due to its quality.

  • Zooming quality

As we mentioned above, the camera has an amazing zooming capability when it comes to both the videos and photos, however, the final output at full zoom is something which is not something very desirable.

  • Image stabilization

The SX530 HS like most of the other cameras on our top 10 best vlogging cameras under $300 offers the image stabilization feature.



Like the earlier listed Powershot SX530 HS, this SX720 HS is also an extended zoom camera that comes with an impressive optical zooming of up to 80x. The camera also has an innovative zoom plus design, a technology that easily lets you capture photos with good details and clarity.

Coming in a compact form factor, this camera has the 40x optical zoom which ranges from 24mm – 960mm. The lightweight form factor of the camera makes it easy for anyone to carry it around at places wherever they want to record their vlogs.

In terms of performance, the is equipped with a CMOS and DIGIC 6 processor which can help you capture the best videos of all time.

Key Features

  • Image processor

The Canon PowerShot SX720 HS is powered by a DIGIC 6 processor which offers an effective pixel count of approx. 20.3 megapixels. Its sensor size is the ½.3 type.

  • Lens

The camera has a lens which offers 40x zoom and the focusing range is of 1cm-infinity. Which is good for capturing both the close and far objects.

  • LCD monitor

The LCD monitor on the SX720 HS is a 3.0-inch type which offers an effective pixel dots count of 9,22,000.

  • Focus

Like most vlogging cameras, the SX720 HS also offers three focusing mode which includes auto-focus, continuous, and servo AF Manual focus. The AF frame has the Ai-Af, tracking AF and Centre features available on it.

  • Connectivity

This camera comes equipped with the features of Wi-Fi and NFC which makes sharing the photos very easy with the camera connect app. The application is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. This gives you the feature to share the photos directly on the social media platforms with ease.



Occupying the last spot on our list of Top 10 best vlogging cameras under $300, here is another great camera from Canon which fulfils all your vlogging needs under a budget-friendly price tag. Whether you want to record everyday vlogs or Christmas festive celebrations, this is a camera which you can’t miss.

Like most of the other cameras of its series, this PowerShot SX620 HS is also a high zoom camera. It offers 25x optical zoom for subjects near or far with a lot of confidence.

You can capture both the close-ups to distance without any shake or wasting time to get closer to the subject. The camera is also equipped with an intelligent IS engine for good optical image stabilization. Apart from that, it packs a 3-inch LCD screen to video photos and videos captured instantly on the go.

Key Features

  • Focus

The focusing type which is offered by the PowerShot SX620 is TTL. AF models are single, continuous tracking AF. And the AF point selection in the photographs is normal, while the small focusing includes AF Assist Beam.

  • Shutter

The default shutter speed which is offered by the camera is 1-1/2000s. 15-1/2000s. However, since you’ll be mostly using it for the videos only, the number of shutter speed should not be a factor for you to look at.

  • LCD

Like the most other vlogging cameras mentioned above, this camera is also equipped with a 3.0-inch screen with a pixel dots of approx. 922,000 dots with RGB colour reproduction. The best part is that the coverage of the display is approx. 100%.

  • Battery

This camera offers a great video capturing as well as photo shooting capabilities since it offers a playback of 360 minutes along with 295 photos capturing capability.



5 things to consider before purchasing your next best vlogging camera under $300

1.) Lens

Lens aperture is one of the most important things to consider. A quality lens should always have a wide aperture to allow the lens to capture more light into the camera.

Additionally, a wide aperture can also help you improve the aesthetics of the video as well since you can achieve the much needed to blurred background bokeh effect with them.

Some of the best lenses which you can consider are the 50mm lens with an aperture of f/1.8.

Along with it, the low light performance of the camera and higher ISO settings also affect the performance of the camera. Unfortunately, these are some things which you can only test by using the camera.

2.) Sensor

Sensor size is one of the most important factors to consider while buying any camera. A larger camera sensor captures more light, in turn producing higher quality videos. Most of the camcorders tend to have small size sensor, therefore they don’t perform very well when there isn’t much light around you.

The next big size camera sensor which you can consider comes in compact cameras, however, most of the compact cameras shoot terrible videos. Apart from that, since the DSLR have a bigger size camera sensor, they tend to shoot better quality videos, however, convenience is an issue with these cameras.

3.) Image Stabilization

Optical image stabilization is a term which most of the camera users have already heard of. Before you find a vlogging camera to purchase, you need to make sure that the camera comes with OIS or optical image stabilization. 

Although some people may consider this to be as unnecessary for vlogging, it’s still recommended since it allows you to record better videos while moving around. Also, some people have shaky hands, OIS is a great help to all those people

4.) Connectivity options

Wi-Fi, NFC,and Bluetooth connectivity are some of the features which are available among most of the compact cameras these days. However, since these cameras are only used for the purposes of sharing photos, these features may not be much needed in your vlogging camera.

However, Wi-Fi is one useful feature which you can check for before purchasing your next camera. As a vlogger, you’ll need to film and upload lots of vlogs on the go, in such times Wi-Fi will come of great use to you since it allows you to upload the videos directly to your YouTube channel without wasting anymore time on editing.

5.) Microphone Input

Like most of the YouTube viewers, a lot of the people will put up with low-quality videos, but the one thing which they won’t tolerate is poor sound quality. If you want to be a vlogger, then you need to choose among the best vlogging cameras which comes with microphone input to record the best audio possible.

Although most camera makers consider it to be a premium feature to add-on microphone input, it is essential that you choose wisely while selecting the camera for you. The external microphone will help you enhance the video quality to a great extent. 

In case you can’t get the camera with an external microphone, you should at least know about the position of the internal microphone in your camera.

Final Verdict

We understand that there are numerous choices which are currently available in the market today for you to purchase. You can look for any other camera on out “Top 10 best vlogging cameras under $300 dollar” list and can easily settle down on them. However, to sum it up, here are the two personal choices from us for you which you can select under such a tight price tag.

The first camera is the Panasonic Lumix ZS50, it is the perfect blend of features and ergonomics. In a compact form factor, you can have the best photo capturing engine for your budget and slow motion 100fps video recording capabilities which are not offered by any other camera in this price point. 

It’s great for recording both the indoor and outdoor vlogs. What’s best is you can use it everyday without bothering about the design or build quality. Everything about this camera is top-notch for its value. Hence, if you’re in a tight budget of sub $300 price tag, this would be the first choice which we would recommend to you for your regular vlogging journeys.

The second camera from our list of “top 10 best vlogging cameras” is the GoPro Hero 5. For the lovers of action, this vlogging device is a god gift which you cannot ignore ever. Not only for the adventure seekers, but this is also a good choice for recording still vlogging sessions. 

You can record absolutely stunning 4K videos and then share them wherever you want with the click of a button only. The best part is that it’s one of the best waterproof vlogging cameras which you can get. In worst weather conditions also, this camera will perform like a charm without troubling you at all.

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